We are aware of what information should be placed on the site. Make sure there must be information about the history and profile of the company, a list of products or core, address, contact details, e-mail.

If with addresses and contact information is clear, then the story of the company, about the merits of products, the organization of production, the history of the company with difficulties.

How to take them? Maybe you can just otskaniroat brochure or copy text from it? Who writes those places sites on the Internet?

In web studios that create websites, there are staff members who are selected based on the content of the draft materials customers. These people - content managers. And there are real writers - copywriters who create out of nothing lyrics for the future of web pages. For details on how reality should be given a web-studio as much background material about the company - brochures, catalogs and so on. Copywriter recycles these materials and forms a large full page that will show off at a certain page.

Accuracy and completeness of the data will validate the customer - that's why written texts are sent to the customer for approval.

to the text as the main component of the filling area, strict requirements. In particular, all materials must be unique, written by the real author and not copied from other web pages. Search engines "do not like" page, which has no author's texts. The primacy of authorship robots determine, based on the date of placement of material and age of the site.

If the text on a page hung for three years and then started on a new site, the search robot considers it stealing, but the new project will be very difficult to climb into the issue.

uniqueness is what separates the good from the bad site. This applies not only texts but also pictures. Programmers around the world are working to create recognition of pictures, and soon, these systems will be used as a tool for searching the Internet. What does this mean? This means that picture. photographs the fate awaiting word. Stolen, copied pictures will lower the rankings. Therefore, ordering the project, you need to think about and pictures - with the current variety of cameras, it is not difficult to find a suitable and to make high-quality images and place them on the site.

Literate lyrics, unique content and easy navigation - that reinforces the importance of the site in terms of search engines. Only this way can make the project profitable and efficient.

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