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Third level domain for free

Why are we giving free domains? And what do you think, knowing that, except for the free registration of third level domain, you also get:

- Free hosting

- 200 MB of disk space for the site

- And in addition a free site builder, with which to create the site any computer user can.

Most likely, you'll want to learn more about our system - You are right, because all over the internet, you can hardly find a more interesting proposal for the creation, placement of your website and receive a third level domain for free.

About our capabilities, you will learn by reading the article "About Us". Нere we will consider in detail how our system can get a free third-level domain.

The first step - you must be registered in the system. Before registering you must good think about your username, in fact it will appear in the url of your site.

Url site - this is your address on the Internet. Make sure that the address was memorable. So think of an original login, which may consist of a single word or multiple words separated by hyphens.

For example, you pick a username - «site», respectively, the domain name of your site would look like this - «».

As you can see, the third level domain is composed of 3 words, separated by a dot. The word «site» - this is your unique name on our system, and «panweb» - this is our unique domain name in the «com».

Immediately after registering, you become the owner of third-level domain of the form «».

The registration in our system is also free - it is a distinctive feature of Panweb. Our policy - to provide much free and quality services. And our goal is that any computer user could create a site with their own hands.