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Guidelines for creating a site. The first steps.

Create a site using Free Website Builder Panweb is not difficult, even a novice "saytostroitelyu." But you need to do to get your site was interesting for visitors and for search engines?
Requires a systematic approach, beginning with the moment, as soon as you are "sick" the idea of creating your own site.
In this article you will find our recommendations for a site that will help you avoid the most common mistakes of the first stage.

Recommendation number 1
Create a beautiful and memorable domain name for your site. It is desirable that the name of the site can be clearly defined - what is the main theme of your life.
Recommendation number 2

Clearly define the goals and objectives that you need to accomplish with your site. For example, you are well knit hats and want to sell them online through your site. Your goal - to sell, and the task - to find interested buyers.
Recommendation number 3

Once you have determined the purpose and objectives of your website, continue to develop ways to achieve results.
In the case of caps - to sell your product, you need to competently offer. That is, on the page of your site must be clear and good image quality, its price, a detailed description of the basket of goods, order form, delivery information and contacts.
Recommendation number 4

Imagine that you are the visitor of your future site. As you may be interested and intrigued by your resource? If your site will be anonymous, like millions of others of similar sites - the visitor is unlikely to linger long on it.
Therefore, pay special attention to design your site and its navigation. Site design should be - catchy, and navigation - clear and easy.

Recommendation number 5
Use the experience of others. Find Internet sites that you like. Study them from different angles - the design, structure, navigation, traffic, make their findings and use this knowledge to create your own site.
Recommendation number 6

Before starting work on the development site on the Internet, try to work out the look of your page in the paper.
Pay special attention to the site menu, decide what sections of your site will contain, as will appear, each of the pages on your site.

Recommendation number 7
Do not forget about the convenience of your site for visitors. Our next recommendation to create a website concerning the color and text decoration.
Remember that the colors in the design of your site should not be too colorful. Enough to not more than 4 colors or shades.
Fonts for word processing on your website it is desirable to choose a black on a light background.
Divide the text into paragraphs, as often as possible. Avoid italics and the font is too small.