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Hosting what is it? Types of hosting.

The answer - the notion of hosting (web hosting) are designated services for the physical placement of sites on the Internet.

These services provide Web hosting providers. By entering into a treaty with them, as if you rent space for your site on their server, which is permanently connected to the Internet. This is what hosting ...

Types of hosting. How to choose hosting for your site.

There are two types of web hosting - free and paid.

Let's be honest - "free" hosting free on probation. Money to pay for the services of free web hosting you certainly do not have to. But if you choose a free hosting service, then get ready for what is on your website Web hosting provider to place their ads.

Such a method to recover its costs of the servers used by providers, who offer free hosting, quite often. Plus, free hosting is obvious: if you choose this type of hosting you will not have to worry about in time to pay a monthly rent.

Paid hosting offers its services on a reimbursable basis. Cost of services varies depending on your plan. Minimum rates are offered a simple format sites in html. To accommodate the more complex sites the cost of services is much higher.

No matter what you decide to choose hosting for your site, be sure to pay attention to what programming languages are supported hosting and if there is an opportunity to place your site.

Free hosting with Free Website Builder Panweb

The system Panweb provide free hosting services. In return for our services, we place on your site a small ad unit.

But wthat the difference between free hosting Panweb from other similar hosting? The fact that we provide not just free hosting. Our hosting service - it is integrated with a powerful but easy-to-work site builder.

By registering with us, you will immediately receive a free all to himself 200 MB of disk space on our server. Examples of sites of this size are shown in our gallery sites. (see Gallery sites of Panweb)

Post on our hosting only sites that are made through our website builder. Free site builder system Panweb also free, as well as hosting.

By creating a website in our online site builder, you'll be spared from having to learn programming languages and delve into the issues of compatibility with the capabilities of your website hosting. You only need to make the content (text, photos, videos, etc.) on the page you are creating a site.