Brief instructions for working with the designer of websites
Adding information
This site is edited when the "edit mode."
This site is filled with information blocks.
The blocks can be placed in the global scope, where the blocks will be displayed on all pages of the site and in the local, where the information will only be displayed on this page.
areas of the site
By default, the template, the following global regions (gray button): the header, left column, right column, the basement, the area above the content and behind its content.
And one local area (the green button).
Adding Images
Need to add an "Images"
Create a new page
Need to add an "Topic" on the page. This block will contain links to internal pages, and click to create new pages. (see video)

Moderation sites
Before your site will be opened to the public, we need to make sure that it complies with the rules, details on page


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